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This website is maintained by Bird Spikes Australia Pty Ltd for information and communication purposes. Access to the website is subject to these Terms and Conditions and by accessing the website, users are bound by them. Bird Spikes Australia Pty Ltd may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions by updating this page.

All products purchase from Bird Spikes Australia Pty Ltd (www.bird-spikes.com.au and www.birdspikesaustralia.com.au) can be returned, replaced and refunded or repaired if the good are returned within 7 days form purchase and the good are in the origional condition and have not be removed from its origional packaging, it is the buyers responsibility to ensure the purchased product is suitable for there needs and take into account any possible inaccuracies from supplied informaiton on the web site or in person, Bird Spikes Australia Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for any incorrect purchases after 7 days form purchase, though we will asses each case it will be Bird Spikes Australia Ltd descretion.

Order Processing time

All order will have a min 4-6 days (working days excluding weekends) processing time after the order is placed, although this is only a indicator and we will not accept any refund for delays only after 25days we will consider a 10% refund alough its is our descretion as to the refund process.

Privacy Policy

We do not share any information with any thirdy party or store any information for any reason, any information used in only used for postage declaration and is not shared with anyother party in any way for any reason what so ever.

Company Information

Bird Spikes Australia Pty Ltd

ACN 155 709 845

Registered Company Address : Unit 26 / 7-9 Percy Street Auburn NSW 2144

Phone: 1300 789 481

Accuracy of information

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information contained within the website is correct and up to date, Bird Spikes Australia Pty Ltd makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy and accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss due to any errors or omissions in the content of the website or caused by reliance on this information. The quality and longevity of the stainless steel products cannot be gaurenteed as the product will still function as the product is described to deter birds, proximity to the ocean and salt spray will affect the overall performance of the stainless steel performance, Bird Spikes Australia Pty Ltd cannot be held accountable for any loss or cost associated with replacement or installation of the bird spikes, the warranty is limited to the 7 day cooling off period for purchase. Longevity will vary to the longevity of the stainless steel and some tea staining will occur in close proximity to the ocean and will rust in varied time frames, we reccomend test be carried out in the specific location for longevity assurance. The stainless steel is made from 304 stainless steel.It is advised that users check any information before acting or relying on it.

Our responsibility

Users browsing the website do so at their own risk. Bird Spikes Australia Pty Ltd is not liable for any loss whether in contract, or tort, arising out of the users access to, or inability to access, the website. Bird Spikes Australia Pty Ltd also accepts no responsibility for any damage to, or viruses that may infect, computer equipment, data or other property on account of a users access to the website or the downloading of any material from the website.

 Loss or Damage

Bird SPikes Australia Pty Ltd cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or liability that may arise with the use of any of its sold products and it will the onus on the purchaser that they ensure the product and any insurance and liabilities have been taken into account with the purchase and use of any products sold by Bird SPikes Australia Pty Ltd.


Any bird prevention product can be dangerous and caution must be taken to ensure the product is not left in a area that can be stood on or be in contact with any person under the age of 16yrs old, as the spikes may present a hazard and penetration to feet or there of, this is a warning that bird spike can be dangerour if not used correctly.


We do not accept refunds or returns for any products sold on www.bird-spikes.com.au it is the buyers responsibility to ensure the order is correct and have read all details including the size of the spike per order and qty as listed, NOT all bird spikes listed are in meters some are in individual lenghts.

Cooling off period

Bird Spikes Australia offers a 7 Day cooling off period for all order.


Lead time for shipping is variable and may take upto 10 working days for any aurea of Australia. When purchasing you are agreeing that we cannot gaurentee the shipping time of any order the indicated time frame is only an indicator not an exact or gaurentee. as it is the couriers time frame we cannot control, we endevor to get torder out as fast as possible and use a reputable shipping companies for all our orders. We cannot be held acccountable to order not arriving in time or as expected in any shape or form including booking of hire equipment or labour or losses, as it is the buyers responsibility to ensure they have adequate time for arrival of spikes.

Price Matching

We will match any price and beat it by 5% though it is the descretion of Bird SPikes Australia Pty Ltd owners of Bird Spikes Australia and the product must be the exact same item and sold in Australia and availble to buy from supplier does not includes products from other companies if the product is NOT in stock, and the product MUST be the same type with no exceptions.

Rust and Longevity

All bird spikes are made from 304 stainless steel and in some enviroments the spikes may rust or get tea staining due to close proximity to the ocean, Bird Spikes Australia hold no responsibility for any degredation for installations that are within 250KLM to the ocean or a salt enviroment, the spike will still surve there intended purpose to deter bird and they will still function though some rust or stainin may occur depending on the proximity to the ocean, no preducts will be refunded for rust or tea staining if the spikes are installed within 250klm to the ocean as they will still function for there intended purpose, it will only be the astetics of the spike that will be affected and we offer no asthetic gaurentee for any of our products only the functionality.

Damage during shipping

In the event of damage during shipping we cannot provide a replacement if insurance has not been requested (please request this upon placing the order, in the event of damage it is the buyers responsibility to contact the shipping company but we will have no involvement in relation to replacement of the items.

Links to other web sites

Bird Spikes Australia Pty Ltd does not accept any responsibility for information contained in other websites to which this site links. Linking to any of these other websites is, therefore at the users own risk.

Privacy Policy


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