Quad Blaster 4 (QB4)

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Pest birds are naturally driven from areas where they feel uncomfortable or threatened!  Our BEST SELLING ‘field tested and proven’ ultrasonic bird repeller gets rid of bird infestations with ‘silent’ (to humans) sound blasts that annoy, irritate, and ultimately threaten pest birds in a humane yet effective way!  The QB4 includes a 1.8m 240V power lead.

With effective coverage up to 600sqm, selected audio (ultrasonic) blasts from the QB4 confuse, disorientate, and scare birds within range of the unit.  Birds will not linger while exposed to this sound!   The QB4 has been specifically developed for use in indoor or semi-indoor areas such as large warehouses, factories, or large industrial sheds.  The ultrasonic sound waves reflect and bounce off walls to create an array of inaudible sounds that annoy, irritate, and confuse the birds.  Over 5-10 days, the signal wears down the birds forcing them to other roosting areas.

The QB4 is a commercial grade product that is best mounted to roofs or ceilings.  The 4 built-in speakers emit sound waves in every direction, and the unit can be left to operate all day as the sound signals will not effect staff or employees at ground level.  This industry favourite is used worldwide, to protect facilities from damage and liability caused by pigeons, sparrows, starlings, swallows,  bats, and more.

If you need to extend coverage into a separate confined area, an extension speaker can take the output from one of the built-in speakers & transfer it instead to another location (limited to 2 speakers).

Recommended for use indoors or in semi-enclosed spaces, such as:

  • Warehouses, plants, factories
  • Hangars, railroad sidings, boat houses
  • Tunnels, underpasses, breezeways
  • Sports arenas & convention centers
  • Barns, sheds, storage buildings
  • Loading docks, parking garages, car washes



  • Ultrasonic repeller – sound waves that humans can’t hear, but birds hate!
  • Designed for use indoors or in semi-enclosed spaces
  • Automated sound system uses four internal speakers to emit high frequency sound waves
  • Electronic oscillator tuned between 22 and 30 kHz
  • Beyond the range of human hearing, but perceived and avoided by birds and other pest animals
  • Covers up 6,500 sq. ft. (600 square metres)
  • Easy installation
  • Safe and humane
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