Pest X Polycarbonate Bird Spikes

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All polycarbonate base and spikes

Easy to install

cost effective

works on possums and birds

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All Polycarbonate base, easy to install, great for narrow fences, stops possums walking on fences and bird landing in narrow locations, can be glued or screwed.

Note: Not best suited for long term installations as the tips can get brittle over time in the sun.


Installation  is a simple task. All that is required is a pair of snips and neutral cure siliconeThese spikes are easily cut to size.

Prior to gluing the spikes down the surface must be cleaned of all grease, dirt, bird droppings and other debris.

Multiple rows of spikes may be required, for example, to prevent cats and possums from climbing trees. We recommend three rows of Pest X Spikes be screwed or nailed around the girth of the tree. (see image below)

Each row needs to be approximately 90mm apart.  The first row of  spikes should be fixed approximately 1.8 metres above the ground and it is important to make sure other trees or structures don’t come close to the tree above the spikes, as the Possum or cat may use this structure to access the tree above the spikes.

For bird control on thin ledges, one row of spikes is all that is required.  For wider ledges and medium size birds rows of spikes should be glued at 60mm apart. For larger birds such as Pigeons and Seagulls the rows can be glued at 80mm apart.

Pest X Spikes can be glued, cable tied to pipes, nailed or screwed.  It is recommended before nailing or screwing that pilot holes be drilled into the base of the spikes to prevent the product from splitting

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All polycarbonate


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