Narrow Base Bird Spikes

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Narrow Base Bird Spikes

Great for most applications

Easy to install

UV Stable Polycarbonate base

Stainless Steel Spikes



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Model: BSA-NB Narrow Base Bird Spikes

This type if the most sold by Bird Spikes Australia due to it covers most applications and is the most cost effective on the market.

Narrow base bird spikes are the most ideal for most applications, they can be used for nor ledges and also wide open locations.

Easy to install, can be installed using Avisil Adhesive or Screws into the base, each spikes has 3mm holes along the base for easy installation.

Spikes can be shortened easily by bending back and forth, each section has small cut outs to it can be easily modified.

Installation Guide:

  1. Clean surface by removing all bird droppings and clean surface with solvent or applicable cleaning products, suitable for the surface you are applying
  2. Apply a small bead of Avisil Bird Spike adhesive to the underside of the bird spikes all the way along the bottom
  3. Apply bird spike strip to the surface you are installing
  4. Apply even pressure along the base to press adhesive through the holes of the spikes (this creates a rivet type mushroom through the spikes)
  5. Ensure spikes are set to the angle you desire, spikes can be bent to suit the area you are covering

If you wish to install using screws you can simply just install screws through the existing holes on the surface you are installing into, in replacement of adhesive.





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