Multi Use Narrow Base Bird Spikes

$10.29 Inc GST

The most versatile bird spikes

Can be used for all applications

UV Stable Polycarbonate base

High Grade Stainless Steel Spikes

Price is per meter (they are supplied in 500mm strips)

50% longer lasting than other cheaper types on the market

Australian Developed & Owned Company


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Model: BSA-NB Narrow Base Bird Spikes      -Most Popular

BSA-NB Narrow Base spikes are the most versatile products we sell at BSA easy to install and cost effective.

Narrow base bird spikes are the most ideal for most applications, they can be used for ledges, beams, sign, flat surfaces, fences.

These spikes are unlike most you will find on the market due to the high grade stainless steel and UV stable polycarbonate base that has been tested for use in the harsh Australian environment, unlike alot of other spikes on the market where the UV Polycarbonate base will deteriorate after a shorter period of time our will stand strong to last for many many years where others have failed.

Easy to install, these spikes can be installed using Avisil Adhesive or Screws into the base, each spikes has 3mm holes along the base for easy installation, when using glue ensure you clean the surface you are apply then apply due to the area then press the spikes into place allow the glue to mushroom through the holes this help keep the spikes in place longer term.

Spikes can be shortened easily by bending back and forth, each section has small cut outs in the base so it can be easily modified, to make shorter strips simple bend back and forward the base and they will snap off easily.

Narrow base bird spikes are the most versatile and can be used in most location.


Length = 500mm strips per piece, but sold by the meter in 5m increments (packed in 5m boxes 10 x 500mm strips)

Height = 110mm Base to tip of spikes

Width = 150mm wide spike tips

Base width = 12mm (with holes in base to screw and or glue to mushroom through)

Base Material = Polycarbonate UV stable 

Spikes Material = 304 Stainless Steel


Installation Guide:

  1. Clean surface by removing all bird droppings and clean surface with solvent or applicable cleaning products, suitable for the surface you are applying
  2. Apply a small bead of Avisil Bird Spike adhesive to the underside of the bird spikes all the way along the bottom
  3. Apply bird spike strip to the surface you are installing
  4. Apply even pressure along the base to press adhesive through the holes of the spikes (this creates a rivet type mushroom through the spikes)
  5. Ensure spikes are set to the angle you desire, spikes can be bent to suit the area you are covering

If you wish to install using screws you can simply just install screws through the existing holes on the surface you are installing into, in replacement of adhesive.


How to choose the right bird spikes?

  • First measure the area you need to protect from bird, look to see how much room you have in the location, for example make sure there is enough high and width to fit the spikes based on the product specifications
  • Measure area you will be installing the spikes base, to make sure the base of the spikes will fit on the are you will be installing
  • Measure the area the tip of the spikes will be installed, make sure you have enough coverage in the location affected by birds
  • Decide weather you will be installing permanently or temporarily

If you need further assistance in selecting the right product please email us here for assistance.



500mm (sold by the meter)


110mm base to tip of spikes

Spikes width

150mm Tip to Tip wide

Base Width

12mm wide base

Carton Qty

When you purchase you will need to order in 5m increments as they are supplied in 5m boxes with 10 x 500m strips in each box

Base Material

UV Stable Polycarbonate

Spikes Material

304 Stainless Steel Spikes


BSA-NB are the most versatile spikes on the market providing coverage for most applications where you need 150mm coverage

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