Mouse Trap - Multi Catch - Small

$5.00 Inc GST

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Sydney and Adelaide

Mouse trap for catching multiple mice with one trap, this trap is a smaller version of the wind up trap we have in stock, this type is for mainly catching mice rather than rats due to is smaller size.

Very effective for catching multiple mice for mouse plagues, easy to use and very effective.

Instructions for use

  1. Remove lid of trap
  2. Install bait (we recommend using peanut butter)
  3. close lit
  4. Wind up trap
  5. Leave along a wall or run where mouse travel
  6. Once full simply dispose of the mice
  7. Repeat

Fast and esy to use, these traps are the most effective trap of the market in Australia due to the location of installing along the run rather than enticing them to other types of traps

Delivery is estimated $10 to NSW (varied depending on state) Postage Australia Wide

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