Zig Zag Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

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  • Stainless Steel Bird Spikes
  • The most versatile of all the range
  • High quality stainless stee bird spikes
  • 500mm sections – Price is per meter 
  • Order in 5mtr increments

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Model: BSA-40 Zig Zag Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Suitable for: Most type’s of bird, Pigeons, Minors, Cockatoos, Sparrows, Sea Gulls and most type of average size birds.

Location use BSA-40 are great for most type’s of locations including the below:-

(there are also some additional applications in which we have sold this product for in the past which has provided a great feedback of results.)

– Beams                                    – Roof’s

– Legdes                                   – Parapets

– Signs                                     – Window Ledges

– Verandahs                               – Light poles (flexible base)

– Fences                                   – Solar Panels

– Gutters                                   – Lights

– For surfaces wider than 3-6cm  

– Protects areas from 120mm – 220mm


Great for most applications & Birds. (Narrow spikes for ledges are also available.)

Long-lasting polycarbonate provides decades of maintenance-free protection.

Easy to Install -Attach quickly with Adhesive, nails, screws, wire ties, etc.

Transparent – Polycarbonate is transparent which is practically invisible.

Dense – Top branches protrude from the vertical shafts to give impenetrable coverage.

Flexible – Mounts easily on flat, curved or irregular surfaces.



Material: Polycarbonate base and 304 high grade stainless steel spikes

Wire Diameter of Spike: 1.3mm

Height of spike: 120mm

Width between top of spikes: 120mm

Protection Width: 6cm ~ 220cm

Spikes Qty: 40 Spikes per piece

Base Size: 50cm(L) x 6cm(W) x 2mm(T)

Weight: 91g/meter

Base Size: 50cm(L) x 6cm(W) x 2mm(T)

Spikes Qty: 40 Spikes per piece

Product Code SKU: BSA-40


Bird spikes can be used for all types of birds, alot of people ask where can i buy bird spikes from, well this is why we opened our online store so we can provide bird spikes that usually only pest control companies can get with large orders. Our online store means you can buy bird spikes fast easy and at the lowest prices on the market!

Stainless steel bird spikes are the most effective active way to prevent birds from landing on balcony rails or on eaves or any surface that birds may be roosting on or nesting in.

Bird spikes are low harm because they dont actually touch the spike they just dont go anywhere near them because the bird can see the spikes and so in turn don’t attempt to land on them.

There is no one type of spike that will suit all needs but this BSA-40 is the most cost effective type of bird spike due to it versatile size and angle of the spikes.

The longevity of the spikes in the outdoors varies due to the proximity to the ocean and how much rain is present, although they are made of 304 stainless steel spikes ALL steel rust it just depends on alot of factors, Bird Spikes Australia Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for any rusting and tea staining once spikes are installed there is no refund or installation rebate for installed spikes. It is the users own risk for using our products.

The product will still deter bird as the product is designated to do.

Please Note: We do reccomend you gain advice from a expert as bird control is not always strait forward and may take some time observing and trial and error, as bird are a creature of nature with different habits, there is not always one solutions for all bird and some may be more effective than others.

Installation Guide:

  1. Clean surface by removing all bird droppings and clean surface with solvent or applicable cleaning products, suitable for the surface you are applying
  2. Apply a small bead of Avisil Bird Spike adhesive to the underside of the bird spikes all the way along the bottom
  3. Apply bird spike strip to the surface you are installing
  4. Apply even pressure along the base to press adhesive through the holes of the spikes (this creates a rivet type mushroom through the spikes)
  5. Ensure spikes are set to the angle you desire, spikes can be bent to suit the area you are covering

If you wish to install using screws you can simply just install screws through the existing holes on the surface you are installing into, in replacement of adhesive.

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