Avisil Bird Spikes Adhesive

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Easy to use

Best for installing spikes

Good for sloped ledges

Long lasting


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Avisil bird spikes adhesive is specifically design for the installation of bird spikes to almost any surface.

Easy to use due to its thick viscosity meaning when you apply the bird spikes to the surface it holds in a fixed positions during curing.


  1. Clean surface you are installing the bird spikes onto, ensure all bird dropping and loose debris is removed and cleaned, the cleaner the surface the longer the adhesive will last.
  2. Apply a thick bead of adhesive down the spine of the underside of the bird spikes
  3. Once you have applied a thick bead to the spike you then place the bird spikes into position where you want the spikes installed.
  4. Press with even pressure along the base of the spikes ensure the adhesive gets pressed through the small holes in the base of the spikes, this creates a mushroom head of adhesive creating a rivet type junction.


Note: this can be used for sloped ledges because the glue is thick it can hold the spikes without the spikes falling due to gravity while curing, this can only be performed on a slope up to 45 degrees, any installations past 45 degrees will require the spike be screwed or cable tied into position while the glue is curing.

Discounts available for bulk order, please contact our office for bulk orders.

Usage: Covers around 10-15 meters of bird spikes per tube (depending how liberal you apply)

We strongly recommend using Avisil to apply Bird Spikes for a longer lasting installation assisting with keeping the spikes adhered to the surface.

Note: The longevity of the adhesive depends on a number of factors reliant of the surface preparation, flakey or dirty areas may have reduced adhesion longer term.


This will cover around 10-15 meter of bird spikes per tube



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