Avipoint P32 Bird Spikes


  • P32 Avipoint Bird Spikes
  • These are the largest
  • Widest protection
  • Stainless Steel Spikes
  • Price per peter
  • (you will get 3 x 33cm sections)

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Bird ActivityPigeons – Daytime perching and Night time roosting.
InfestationUp to heavy pressure areas
Where to UseMost building ledges
Protects AreaUp to 205mm
Base Width45mm
Distance Between Wires33mm
Distance Between Spike Tips140mm

The new AVIPOINTTM range of bird management spikes is manufactured in the United Kingdom, in a unique and highly automated process, to ensure the highest quality standards.

AVIPOINT – the next generation of quality bird spikes designed to ensure effective and humane urban bird management solutions.

All the products in the new AVIPOINTTM range are designed to stack inside each other, thus optimizing space to help with storage and transportation. The handy-sized stack is also easier to handle on site than the conventional bundle.

About AVIPOINT Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

The AVIPOINTTM ‘P’ series can be used to protect buildings against pigeons in a wide range of situations, from daytime perching to night roosting sites and from the narrowest of pipes to the widest of building ledges.


• the bases are UV light-protected polycarbonate, with breakable sections.

• the spikes are a heavy-duty 1.4mm in diameter and are made from 302 grade stainless steel, cut flat to prevent injury to both installers and birds.

• these spikes are moulded into the base for improved durability.

304 stainless steel


• Stackability

Easy Storage, Transport and Installation.

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