Bird spikes are a humane method of bird control and are one of the quickest and easiest ways to eliminate nuisance birds. If you have a problem with birds landing, creating a mess with their droppings, or even nesting on or around your premises then you might want to consider visual bird deterrents.


They’re an extremely effective method of repelling birds from a distance. In fact, they’re one of the most common ways of keeping birds away from commercial and residential buildings. Our stainless steel and polycarbonate bird control spikes prevent birds from landing and roosting on ledges, roofs, and buildings – making them move on to another site instead, without injury.


Consisting of strips of long metal prongs, bird spikes are typically installed to the edge of chimneys, roofs, and billboard signs or on top of window sills and ledges making it difficult for birds to land and preventing them from nesting without causing them any physical damage. Birds have very good eyesight and will seek a place to land while in the air. Birds have very good eyesight and will check out a landing place while in the air. Having the ability to spot spikes from afar, they’ll simply change course and head for a different landing spot.

Sold in strips, bird spikes are easy to apply and remove and offer a cost-effective method of bird control. The tips of the spikes are blunt so there’s no risk of harming the bird or the installer! Available in a variety of different sizes and provided in 304 stainless steel or polycarbonate, we have a bird spike solution for every nuisance bird problem.

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While the thought of the dawn chorus might at first sound quite appealing, when large populations of birds are roosting in buildings and commercial spaces, many people find it difficult to handle both the noise and health threats which feral birds pose.

We receive bird removal requests for a number of reasons. Usually, these calls are as a result of the mess made by bird faeces which are left in and around their nesting grounds. In residential areas, this causes unsightly stains on houses, cars, and driveways while in cities, office buildings, memorials, and public libraries are defaced.

Nesting birds also make a lot of noise, calling to each other in the early morning and at night, which can disturb residents in those areas who are trying to sleep. Bird spikes can help lower the noise levels by keeping large groups of birds away. Other reasons for installing bird control spikes are transmissible diseases that feral birds carry and damage they do to property.


We are the largest sellers on Bird Spikes in Australia, our goal is to provide wholesale prices of Bird Spikes to the general public previously only availble to the pest control industry